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La Niche Et Moi: Your Go-To Spot for All Things Pet

La Niche Et Moi, your family-run pet haven in Gatineau, has been a beacon of pet passion and expertise for over 40 years. Whether your buddy has fur, feathers, scales, or fins, we’ve got you covered. And, when you shop online with us, you’re not only treating your pet, you’re also supporting the Outaouais SPCA.

Something for Every Furry (and Not-So-Furry) Friend

At La Niche Et Moi, we get it. Your pet, big or small, is family. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering a top-tier selection of products, each handpicked to ensure the best for your pet, be they furry, feathered, or finned.

Dogs: Tail-Wagging Treats and Must-Have Accessories

Our canine collection is a real treat! From fruity chew sticks that’ll have tails wagging, to essential life vests, we’ve curated a selection that prioritizes safety, well-being, and sheer doggy delight.

Cats: Purrfect Playthings and Everyday Essentials

Feline friends, rejoice! From the ultimate cat tree for those lazy afternoons to clever mouse cams that ignite the hunter within, even the most particular kitties will find something to purr about.

Freshwater Aquariums: Dive into a Home Aquatic Adventure

For those into aquascaping, we’re here to guide your underwater journey. From setting up a mesmerizing aquatic space to choosing vibrant fish and lush plants, let’s create something fin-tastic.

Small Pets: Because They Deserve the Royal Treatment, Too

Bird enthusiasts, rodent lovers, and reptile aficionados - La Niche Et Moi hasn’t forgotten you. With a range of cages, gourmet feeds, engaging toys, and even unique grooming services, your smaller pals are set up for a five-star experience.

FAQ for Inquiring Minds: What You Want to Know

Why La Niche Et Moi?

We’re not your average pet store. With a catalog boasting over 5,000 premium items, our commitment goes beyond just products. We're staunch supporters of the Outaouais SPCA, making every purchase an investment in animal welfare.

Do you propose special services?

bsolutely! From a spa-day for birds and rodents to expert water testing for your aquariums, our team's got the knowledge and know-how to help.

Shipping coast to coast?

You bet! We ship Canada-wide. And here's a bonus: enjoy free shipping on orders over $99 in Quebec and Ontario, and for orders over $200 in other Canadian provinces.

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