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How To Choose The Right Toy For Your Dog?

Comment choisir le jouet pour chien idéal?

A Helpful Guide To Help You Find The Perfect Match For Your Pet

As a pet parent, you probably end up buying a new toy for your doggo every time you come across one. But, does your dog play with it? If you're struggling to find a perfect toy for your dog, or are just new to the dog world - grab onto your seat belt and join us on this ride called 'finding out how to choose the right dog toy!

What's a good toy to keep a dog busy? What to give dogs that are heavy chewers? Why do dogs like squeaky toys? Keep reading and find out!

Age Is Not Just A Number

This is what you should always start with when choosing a toy for your dog. Depending on their age and overall size, you'll be able to determine the optimal toy that will help them develop their mental abilities, help with teething, and keep them engaged.

Another thing to keep in mind is your dog's personality and activity preference as well. Sometimes, you'll just need to try out a few different ones and find out which type of toys they like the best.

For example, puppies up to three weeks old might enjoy toys made of soft rubber or plush toys. While puppies are teething, so around three to nine months old, soft and soothing dog chew toys might help relieve their discomfort. When they grow out of the teething phase, they're usually ready for hard rubber toys, rope toys and balls.

What Texture Should The Dog Toy Be?

Dog toys come in various shapes and textures. Some are soft and plush, some might be rubbery and with nubs on them, and others can be completely smooth and cool. To choose the right one, you should pay attention to your dog's habits. How are they chewing? How active are they?

A dog with a strong chewing habit or a big dog with strong muscles may tear a soft and plush dog toys apart, while a puppy with new teeth may have difficulty handling tough rubber toys. If your dog is a heavy chewer, firm rubber toys are one of the best options you have at your disposal.

You surely don't want to get them something they cannot use that long, at all for that matter! Or something that could hurt them. This brings us to the size of the toy.

Big dogs should steer clear of small toys since they can easily swallow them and end up at the vet's office at best. Avoid anything that isn't dog-proofed, such as ribbons, children's toys, etc.

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What Kind Of Toys Do Dogs Like Most

The type of toy your dog will like the most will again depend on the dog. After all, it all comes down to preference! However, we might help you save some bucks and make it easier to look for a particular toy.

(Inter) Active Toys For Active Pups

If your dog is a high-energy one and likes tugging and chewing on interesting textures, consider getting an active toy like a rope toy or a rubber ball. Another good option would be a disc or any kind of interactive retrieving or tug toy. However, if you choose to give your dog a rope toy, do so only when he can be supervised. Many dogs can easily shred rope toys and hurt themselves by ingesting pieces. When the toy starts to unravel, it's time for a new one.

On the other hand, rope toys are actually very helpful for maintaining your dog's oral health. Let them chew on the rope toy once a day (under supervision!) since the activity creates a brushing-like action and slow tartar buildup. Also, when playing around with these types of toys, dogs usually use their full body, so while you're playing - they're also doing some exercise! Win-win!

Toys To Keep Your Dog Busy

You probably noticed your dog absolutely loves squeaky toys. If your dog gets bored quickly, getting them a squeaky might be a good option. If you don't mind the possibility of your dog quickly ruining it, get them a squeaky toy and keep them busy.

The reason behind dogs loving squeaky toys is simple - the sound a squeaky toy makes triggers an immediate gratifying response in a dog and they'll work hard to get to the source of the sound and get their reward.

It's almost the same thing with another type of toy that can keep your dog busy for hours - a feeder toy or a dog puzzle. Feeder toys are a good option for dogs that practically inhale their food. These types of toys are hollow, made of rubber and, you guessed it - can be filled with food. By moving it around with their mouth, nose and paws they'll eventually get to the goodies. This can last!

A dog puzzle would also be good for the smartypants out there. Similar to the feeder toy, a treat is hidden within the puzzle, inside compartments. These toys come in a variety of skill levels, so whenever your dog masters one level, you can go and find a harder one! Another massive plus - it's super fun to watch them do this!

Should I Clean Dog Toys?

Yes. Dog toys are full of everything, literally. According to NSF International, dog toys are among the top 10 house items with the most germs on them. And, since your pup uses its mouth to play - all of that bacteria can end up in its system. The only way of avoiding that is by cleaning.

When cleaning toys, make sure to use a pet-friendly detergent or avoid using it completely. For plush toys, you can wash them using water and vinegar and let them out to dry. When cleaning chew toys, make sure to tape over holes to prevent cleaning products from getting inside the toy.

The Takeaway

Your dog should have both interactive and comfort toys, but some keep-them-busy toys too. However, to make them last - you should rotate them a bit. For example - feeder toys are great for days you can't really go to the dog park and roll in the mud. We're pretty sure they would enjoy playing around and getting those treats after a nice walk.

Interactive toys are also very important for your dog's development since it gives the much-needed people time. Through interacting with you, your pet bonds with you and basically develops some people skills. Interactive play also teaches them the difference between inappropriate and appropriate behaviour!

Lastly, comfort toys are important because well, they comfort them when they're nervous. Same as you and your favourite TV show you've been playing on repeat for years.

To make the toys last longer, it's a good idea to rotate your dog's toys every week by offering only a few toys at a time. Provide a variety of types that are easy to access, and if your dog has a favourite one, like a soft comfort toy - keep it out all the time.

Decided on the next toy for your little furry cutie? Choose the best and take a look at our shop.

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