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How To Choose The Right Toy For Your Cat?

Comment choisir le meilleur jouet pour votre chat?

The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Match For Your Pet 

There is nothing pets love more than a brand-new toy to play with. As a pet owner, stepping into a pet shop rarely ends without you picking up a new toy for your fluffy feline. Sometimes it can be tricky to satisfy your cat and picking the right toy can be a challenge.

If you struggle to find the perfect toy for your cat, or one they enjoy playing with, get comfortable. This guide is your answer to finding the best toy for your cat while considering a variety of important factors.

Safety First 

You love your cat and keeping them protected is a top priority. That's why safety comes first! For any pet, but especially cats, picking a toy for them is comparable to buying a toy for a toddler. It needs to have safety features that are designed to keep your cat safe while they play. The last thing any owner wants is to have their kitty tangled up, choking, or falling on the ground because of the way a toy is designed.

An example of a toy that could be hazardous for your cat has small glue-on eyes or anything with dangling parts. Since lots of cats play hard, these pieces may become loose over time and your cat could end up swallowing one.

Ditching Damaged Toys

With playtime comes mangled toys and pieces falling off. That's when the toy has got to go. Ditch and toys that have damaged parts or have seen better days. They can be hazardous, not to mention that bacteria can collect over time. That being said, it's highly unlikely that your cat would be disappointed with a brand-new, safe toy to play with.

Why Your Cat Needs Toys

Especially if you're a new cat owner, you might be wondering why cats need toys. Well, the best way to care for your cuddly cat is to make sure they are mentally and physically exercised to stay healthy. Not to mention cats love to play, it helps keep their instincts sharp and behavioural issues at bay. 

No owner wants to see their cat turn crabby due to lack of exercise. A bonus of cats playing with their favourite toy is that they form a bond by playing with you, overall that's a win-win for both.

Consider the Size and Age

An important factor to consider when finding the perfect toy for your cat is their size and how old they are. This will determine not only how big of a toy you get them but what type of toy.

Younger cats are typically smaller and need toys that they can easily bat with their paws. Younger cats, typically have more energy which is why an interactive toy could be a great pick.

However, older cats can be larger and in this case, their prey drive is important to take into account. Many cats love to hunt, so choosing something like a small mouse is a great option to satisfy them.

Types Of Cat Toys

Now that we've covered the importance of safety, size, and age, let's get to the good stuff. There are so many types of cat toys on the market it can have your head spinning. But we've listed 5 key types of toys that could be the perfect choice for your furry feline.

Interactive Toys

Does your cat have a ton of energy? Maybe they suffer from the zoomies and need to burn off some energy? If your answer is yes, then getting an interactive toy for your cat could be the perfect option. These kinds of toys will keep your cat interested and actively playing.

Interactive toys can also sometimes be automatic, which makes them a great option if your cat has lots of energy but you can keep up with them. Interactive toys are great for occupying cats especially if you have a busy schedule and need to get things done while keeping your cat happy.

Prey Toys

A commonly known fact is that cats are natural predators and they love to hunt. Let's say your cat goes outside and sometimes you catch them chasing around a squirrel. Well, then a prey toy is the perfect toy to keep them playing but also keeping them inside especially in the colder months.

This type of toy will keep your cat entertained for an endless amount of hours while satisfying its prey drive. A great example would be a toy mouse which is perfect to keep your little hunter happy.

Back to Basics

If your cat tends to be more relaxed, or maybe they just aren't interested in automatic toys, then going back to basics might be your best bet. Many cats love the good old ball to tussle with, especially if there is a little jingle bell inside. From batting and chasing, your cat will be entertained with this classic toy.

Climbing Toys

If your cat loves to climb to new heights, investing in a climbing toy could be the perfect toy for your cat. In the realm of climbing toys, some of the most common styles include cat trees and perches. Many cats enjoy hanging out from above and a cat tree is a perfect place for them to do so.

Some cat towers also include obstacles for your cat to climb through. These toys are also great because they give your pet something to hang out on while you're out, not to mention they are great for naps.

Teaser Toys

Another option for active kitties is teaser toys! These are a favourite for high-energy cats that love to bat and chase. Teaser toys come in a variety of different styles. Some are feathered and attached to a pole, while some might be attached to a string. Either way, these toys are great for more than one reason.

When your cat plays with a teaser toy, most of the time it encourages cats to move in a variety of natural ways. Pouncing, leaping, and stalking are all part of the fun with teaser toys. Not to mention, you're forming that owner-pet bond when using teaser toys. If your cat is high energy then this could be the perfect toy for their playtime.

Sound Is Important Too!

Cats have an acute sense of hearing. So, to make sure that they are having the most fun when playing, you could consider a toy that makes noise. Now, we don't mean something loud enough to startle them but something that peaks their ears and keeps them engaged. Take for example a ball with a jingling sound to it or maybe a mouse with a squeaking noise.

Cat Toys To Keep Away From

Cats will most certainly have fun with these toys. However, there are a couple that aren't recommended for play. You might have seen the classic ball of yarn as a cat toy. But this is one of the more dangerous toys they can play with.

If your cat was to play with a ball yard and accidentally swallow a piece, there could be serious health complications. The same thing goes for toys with loose plastic pieces. If ingested, your cat could suffer from gastrointestinal issues or worse, a perforation.

The Takeaway

Regardless, if you take into account safety and your cat's age, size, and activity level, one of the playful toys we have listed is sure to keep them moving. Choosing the right toy for your cat is important to their development and happiness.

But if you're still divided on what the perfect option is we have a final solution for you. Come by and take a look at our shop to see all the options available and pick the perfect toy.

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