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Advantage II for Kitten (less than 2.3 kg) 2 doses

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Advantage® II kills 98-100% of the chips on a cat within 24 hours of treatment. Fleas, eggs and larvae also die when they come into contact with dead skin from an animal treated with Advantage® II.

Protection from fleas your pet deserves:

•Kills fleas on contact; they do not need to sting to be killed.

•Enables chip control at all stages of development, effectively interrupting the chip life cycle.

•Convenient and easy to apply every month to prevent fleas.

•Kills 98-100% of fleas infesting an animal within 12 hours of first application and kills new fleas within 8 hours.

•Limit baths to one per treatment period and use a non-medicinal cat shampoo.

How does it work?

When applied to the back of the neck, Advantage® II is not absorbed through the skin. It spreads in a thin layer and attaches to the sebum in your pet’s skin. Upon contact with the treated skin and coat, adult fleas become paralyzed and die.

Advantage® II not only eliminates adult fleas on contact, but with pyriproxyfen (an insect growth regulator) in it, which is distributed throughout the house on fallen cat hair and skin. It also prevents flea eggs and larvae from passing to the next stage of development and kills them effectively.

How to apply it on your cat

Advantage® II is available in a pre-measured dose applicator tube adapted to your cat’s weight. It spreads easily on the skin to provide protection against fleas all over the body, on contact.