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Bamboo Groom Slicker Brush with Stainless Steel Pins - L

Brush, detangle and leave your pet's coat shiny and healthy! The Bamboo Groom Slicker Brush features stainless steel pins to remove debris and excess hair from the topcoat and distributes oil throughout the coat to make it silky and strong. The Slicker Brush stimulates blood flow, skin, and hair follicles by reaching into the undercoat and removing loose hair. Designed to prevent matting and reduce shedding with regular use, you'll be grooming your pet like a pro in no time. This brush is handmade with love, and with one of the world's most sustainable materials, which is both lightweight, and durable, bamboo! An ergonomic grip and rubber thumb support makes it comfortable for you to hold while you groom your perfect pet. Suitable for pets of all sizes. 4.75" x 2.375"

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