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Catit Vesper Minou Bench Scratcher (14.17 x 14.37 x 15.94 in)

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The Vesper Minou is a horizontal scratcher and hiding place in one. Thanks to its compact design, it can be placed near any object that you would like to prevent your cat from scratching. The replaceable scratching mat and cushion, and the high-quality finish make the Vesper Minou a stylish and convenient piece of cat furniture that fits every interior.

Key Features :

  • Ideal for preventing your furniture from getting scratched
  • Hiding place with front and back opening so your cat won't feel cornered
  • High-quality finish and replaceable parts
  • Stylish and convenient
  • Size : 36 x 36.5 x 40.5 cm (14.17 x 14.37 x 15.94 in) (L x W x H)

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