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Catit Nuna Treats – Insect Protein-Based Cat Treats

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Premium cat treats with a small pawprint

  • Delicious and nutritious
  • Up to 97% sustainable protein
  • Based on clean, high-quality insect protein
  • Easy to digest & gluten-free

Reduce your cat's pawprint

We all know that cats are carnivores, but did you know that traditional meat production emits more carbon than cars do? With almost 500 million cats on Earth, we can make a real difference for our environment, simply by substituting the meat protein in their food and treats.

Up to 97% sustainable protein

Insect protein is a complete, clean and sustainable alternative to meat protein!

Catit Nuna treats are part of our insect protein-based Catit Nuna food range. These premium cat treats are the perfect alternative to unsustainable meat-based treats. Easily digestible and extremely palatable, this revolutionary treat is loved by cats and offers an opportunity for us cat lovers to make a difference.

Our recipes contain nutritious and clean insect larvae that are rich in healthy protein, and set a new standard in premium cat treats.

Supremely delicious and perfectly balanced

In many cultures worldwide, insects are on the main menu because they’re so delicious, nutritious and sustainable! Catit Nuna treats include whole Hermetia Illucens grubs, a true superfood bursting with protein, mixed in with loads of healthy ingredients!