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S.O.X. Pet Stain/Odor Remover - 473 ml (16 fl oz)

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S.O.X. is an enzyme-based product that removes stains and odors. These specially engineered enzyme breakdown unpleasant organic compounds. As a result, S.O.X. is scent free and unlike other products on the market that just mask odors with powerful perfumes, S.O.X. permanently removes them.

S.O.X. is completely natural. S.O.X. is non-toxic and non-flammable.S.O.X. is hypo-allergenic (non-sensitizing). S.O.X. effortlessly removes stains of urine, feces, vomit, blood and other pet related stains. It eliminates urine odors, skunk odors, anal sac odors, ferret odors and fecal odors to name a few. For persistent or older stains several applications may be necessary.

S.O.X. is a natural product. It is completely harmless for pets. It is so mild on the skin that gloves are not required. S.O.X. can even be applied right on the animal itself. The natural enzymes that compose S.O.X will not irritate your pet's eyes, muzzle or ears. Apply S.O.X directly onto the dog's coat - no more smell. Perfect for that finishing touch after a de-skunking bath. Apply S.O.X directly onto the cat's litter no more smell.

S.O.X. is a versatile product. It is safe for use on furniture, carpets, tiles, car seats and pets. It can also remove stains on clothing just apply to the stain and place in soak cycle. Just follow the simple directions on the packaging. Net weight: 473ml (16 fl oz) Trigger spray bottle.