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Zanimo Calm Emotion 30 ml

FEARS of all sort

  • Fear, panic, anxiety, nervousness
  • Noise, storm, fireworks
  • Grooming, Daycare, Moving
  • Fears of all kinds

For dog and cat
Natural health product that helps maintain physical and emotional balance.

No artificial colour / Gluten-free / Sugar-free / No flavour

Under 20 lb / 10 kg. : 5 drops
Over 21 lb / 11 kg. : 10 drops

Shake the bottle before use. Add 5 or 10 drops in a glass of water depending on the weight of your pet. Take back 5 or 10 drops of this glass of water and put it in the mouth on the side of the cheek or on a treat. Do not put in his water bowl.

Give 3 times a day or according to the recommendations of a veterinarian. Decrease doses with improvement. Do not prolong use beyond 3 months.

FAST ACTION :Give 5 to 10 drops ½ hours and decrease the frequency from improvement. Do not exceed 3 consecutive dosages. If symptoms worsen, consult your veterinarian.

Active ingredients :Aconitum napellus 5CH, Apis mellifica 5CH, Arnica montana 5CH, Arsenicum album 5CH, Belladonna 5CH, Bryonia alba 5CH, Calendula officinalis 5CH, Chamomilla 5CH, Cistus canadensis 5CH, Ferrum phosphoricum 5CH, Hypericum perforatum 5CH, Ignatia amara 5CH, Passiflora incarnata 5CH, Shymphytum officinalis 5CH, Veratrum album 5CH.

Non-medicinal ingredients :Alcohol 10%, Purified Water.

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