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Zanimo Regularity 30 ml

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○ Loose stools and diarrhea
○ Flatulence and bad odor
○ Helps keep the bowels regular
○ During food transition

For dogs and cats
Natural health product that helps with regularity, normal consistency and stool formation. Also helps to reduce flatulence.

No coloring / no sugar / no flavor
Homeopathic remedy

For use in dogs and cats

Weight of your pet:
Less than 20 lbs / 10 kg: 5 drops
Over 21 lb / 11 kg : 10 drops

Give 3 times a day or as recommended by a veterinarian. As soon as improvement occurs, reduce to once a day and if all goes well, stop giving the product. Do not prolong use beyond 1 month.

Dilution is recommended as there is an alcohol base as a preservative.

How to use homeopathy:

Take a glass and fill it with about 60ml of water (5 tbsp.). With the pipette integrated in the bottle, take 5 or 10 drops according to the weight of your animal and add them to this glass of water.
With the pipette, take 5 or 10 drops in the glass of water and put in his mouth on the side of the cheek. Do not put it in the back of the throat, it is not pleasant for your pet.
DO NOT put them on dry or soft food, a cookie, a food or treat, the important thing is that your pet eats it immediately and that the drops are ingested. Never put in his water bowl!
It is recommended to give the product 3 times a day and to respect a minimum of 4 hours between doses. The glass of water will be used for the other two doses of the day, without adding other drops.
At the end of the day, throw away the glass of water and start again the next day with the same procedure.

If adverse effects occur or health deteriorates, consult a veterinarian. Do not use in pregnant or nursing females, except on the advice of a veterinarian.

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